Carney Continues Support of JAMTECH, The Premier Build A Game In A Day Event

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia–August 1, 2016–Carney, Inc., the Performance Acceleration® firm, announced today that it proudly continues its support of JAMTECH, The Premier Build A Game In A Day Event.

JAMTECH is known for its STEAM events where elementary, middle, and high school students learn how to build a video game in a day. JAMTECH events regularly attract 300 students from around the Northern Virginia area each Fall and Spring. Carney’s goal is to ensure today’s youth have access to engaging and impactful computer science learning opportunities. JAMTECH’s director, Allen Price, recently said, “There is an amazing potential here. Combining the access students have to computer science resources online, a profound desire from students to create their own game, dedicated and energetic volunteers from GMU, and a workforce begging for more computer scientists – JAMTECH is a key enabler in developing future talent.”

The next JAMTECH, which will be the 14th, will be held at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. The approximately 300 students will come from over 100 area schools and the almost 100 volunteers coming from area businesses, including Carney and MARi, as well as George Mason University and local middle and high schools.

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JAMTECH’s mission is to create connections between area students and technology-related education and career opportunities. This is made possible by creating interactive and engaging opportunities at JAMTECH events for students to work with professionals whose careers span many industries and career fields, but all have a passion for game design that involves digital art, programming, application development, and game strategy and mechanics.

We encourage students of all interests and educational backgrounds to take part in JAMTECH to learn how to build a game in a day. JAMTECH, along with other events and opportunities provided by Carney, will be a catalyst for students to get involved with technology at a young age to make them well prepared for college and their eventual career.

The end result will be a local marketplace for both businesses looking for well-rounded technology graduates and for graduates looking for enriching careers that involve technology. Find more information at

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