The Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPdL) contract is the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command’s (TRADOC) program that provides education and training to ensure soldiers and their units have the knowledge to meet the Army’s needs. This program was formerly known as the Distributed Learning and Education Training Products (dLETP) contract. The new contract awarded has a base year with four additional option years. The scope of the contract covers the following:

  • Delivery of education-training products for HQ, Training and Doctrine Command, US Army
  • Configuration and customizing of courseware authoring systems
  • Development of software applications and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) courseware
  • Redesign of existing courseware to Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) standards
  • Analysis of training effectiveness, training management, and training distribution
  • Planning, directing, and conducting the design of collective and individual education/training products
  • Development of unit, individual, and self-development training strategies

Carney was an incumbent team member of the dLETP contract, (pre-cursor to CAPdL), for the past five years. Carney has significant experience producing innovative training and performance support solutions for the US Army.

Carney is a part of the Nangwik Services team. Nangwik is the prime and is an 8(a) ANC-owned subsidiary of Chenega Corporation. Our partners are Cubic Applications, Inc., Chenega Federal Systems, Chenega Technology Services Corp., and VCOM3D.

To learn more about Carney’s work with the US Army, see Performance Support Solutions Case Study – US Army’s Combat Readiness/Safety Center

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