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OPM Training and Management Assistance Program

(OPM1912C0035, 9/21/2012–9/30/2017)

Carney is a proud OPM TMA prime contractor offering government agencies customized training and learning solutions that maximize individual, team, and enterprise performance.

For more than a decade, Carney has provided innovative, award-winning, customized training, learning, and performance support solutions that achieve results for the federal government.

Team Carney brings clients talented, passionate, and experienced professionals; a learning- and innovation-focused culture; and specialized processes and tools. The result is the Carney promise of quality performance solutions, rapid response, and satisfied clients.

We have experience designing, developing, and delivering performance and training solutions across the federal government in the following areas:

Representative Projects

Carney has created over 100 hours of highly effective interactive, multimedia training and performance acceleration solutions for agencies that include the Department of Justice, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE), and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

VA Learning University (VALU)

VA Learning University (VALU) Carney delivered leadership development training programs on a sophisticated collaboration platform for VALU. The training programs are addressed to leadership at all levels, from aspirant to executive and include both formal event-based training and informal learning.

Carney’s development methodology is ideally suited to help other agencies stand up highly effective leadership programs or redesign less effective programs. The methodology is based on OPM’s ECQ framework and incorporates both COTS and customized training from a mix of providers including FranklinCovey, Brookings Executive Education, UVA, Skillsoft, etc. The collaboration platform allows VALU to deliver required training to geographically remote learners without the expense of travel, of particular value to the many agencies that must provide more mandated training with drastically reduced travel budgets. The flexibility that comes from reducing reliance on event-based training and development and shifting to a continuous delivery, collaborative approach allows agencies to reach people in the course of their everyday work activities, where they will exercise and develop their leadership skills.

Department of Justice

Carney customized an award-winning Department of Defense Information Assurance Awareness (IAA) Training course for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ Computer Security Awareness course engages learners with realistic scenarios and enables users of DOJ-owned information systems to meet the legal requirement for completing annual computer security training.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Certification Service (FAA AIR) is tasked with training the staff who inspect aircraft. Evaluating the efficacy of these courses is a critical task for the agency. Through OPM TMA, Carney was engaged to evaluate the courses and work with FAA instructors to refine them. These upgrades more closely align the courses with the critical current skill and knowledge requirements and present a richer learning experience to enhance retention for the learner.

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI)

To provide quality instruction, learning, and performance support opportunities to civilian agency acquisition workforce professionals around the world, FAI relies on contractor support to develop, manage, and administer the associated instructional systems design activities. Through OPM TMA, FAI selected Carney to provide the learning-related services, including analysis, identification, and specification of projects and programs; representation of FAI in various forums; management of ISD and development efforts for those projects that are approved by FAI; creation of online courseware and instructor-led training; and coordination of Carney’s FAI learning-related activities with those of other FAI Teams. To learn more about Carney’s work with FAI, see Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study – The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI).

Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE)

As part its mission to provide important training for security professionals, the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) partnered with Carney to offer courses by taking advantage of proven distance learning technologies, including web-based training (WBT). Through OPM TMA, Carney has developed an ongoing series of courses which includes over 50 courses and 75 hours of courseware. The award-winning courseware developed by Carney enables CDSE to reach more learners faster than CDSE’s traditional classroom training. To learn more about Carney’s work with CDSE, see Virtual Environment Case Study – Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE).

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID’s Bureau for Management, Office of Administrative Services, Information Records Division (M/AS/IRD) is responsible for the overall management of the USAID’s records program. Through OPM TMA, IRD contracted with Carney to create a web-based course for implementation on USAID’s learning management system (LMS). The 2-hour course ensures USAID employees have the knowledge and skills to satisfactorily manage and care for all Federal records that come into their possession.

To learn more about the solutions Carney may provide through OPM TMA, see our Capabilities.

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*OPM Disclaimer: This Web page was developed to showcase examples of products that have been acquired through the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Training and Assistance Program. This Web page and the solutions displayed here are not an endorsement or promotion of specific contractors or their products.

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