FDIC DRR Business Improvement Support Services BOA

(CORHQ-11-G-0110, 05/26/2011–05/25/2015)

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) preserves and promotes public confidence in the U.S. financial system. FDIC does this by insuring depositors in banks and thrift institutions; addressing risks to the deposit insurance funds; and limiting the effect on the economy and the financial system when a bank or thrift institution fails.

FDIC’s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships (DRR) is responsible for resolving failing and failed FDIC-insured depository financial institutions. DRR works diligently to quickly and efficiently recover the maximum amount possible from the sale of a franchise and the disposition of its assets.

The five-year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) allows Carney and our partners to provide business improvement support services to stakeholders across FDIC DRR.

Services offered under the FDIC BOA include:

  • Training and performance support
  • Business documentation support
  • Business process improvement support
  • Knowledge management support

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Training needs and gap analysis
  • Training program design and development
  • Strategic communication and training plan development
  • Business process improvement recommendations and implementation
FDIC BOA Features
  • Negotiated BOA pricing and contract terms
  • Streamlined response processes
  • Five-year ordering period
  • Open to all FDIC DRR stakeholders
FDIC Experience

Carney is proud to provide award-winning performance solutions for DRR staff under the FDIC BOA. Over our many years supporting FDIC and its mission we have developed several robust products, including WBT, ILT, performance support tools and materials, and communication and outreach tools. To learn more about the solutions Carney provides, see our Capabilities.

Representative Projects

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

For the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships, Carney reviewed the current business processes as they related to the oversight of receiverships within the (DRR) and the usage of the Receivership Terminations System (RTS). As the number of receiverships has increased, the business model has changed. Carney documented what that business model looked like in today’s environment within DRR and what the business model may look like as the receiverships are terminated over time. Carney also assessed the level to which RTS architecture and functionality meets the needs of the receivership oversight community within DRR.

Comprehensive Learning and Development Curriculum Support

(CORFD-14-G-0147, 04/25/2014–04/24/2017 )

This BOA meets FDIC’s requirement for professional instructional support services to achieve effective and efficient operation of the Division of Resolutions and Receivership (DRR) and business line specific mission critical programs reflected in the DRR Comprehensive Learning and Development Curriculum.

Services offered include training:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development,
  • Implementation,
  • Evaluation

Representative Projects

Corporate University Curriculum Development and Support Services

FDIC’s Corporate University is the training and employee development arm of FDIC and supports the Corporation’s mission and business objectives through high quality, cost effective continuous learning and development. CU provides opportunities for employees to enhance their sense of corporate identity while learning more about FDIC’s major program areas of supervision, compliance, resolutions, and insurance. CU leverages technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training FDIC employees. Corporate University uses a blended training program to develop, capture, maintain, and transfer essential and mission critical knowledge, skills and abilities for its employees.

For the Corporate University’s Dallas Learning Center, Carney is developing web-based and instructor-led training in the following areas

  • Asset Marketing (Loan Sales)
  • Asset Marketing Functions
  • Functions of Asset Management
  • Functions of Owned Real Estate (ORE) Marketing and Management
  • Functions of Franchise Marketing

FDIC Corporate University

(CORHQ-14-G-0427, 08/14/2014–08/13/2018)

The FDIC and CU have identified the need for expert contractor support to address specific learning and development programs over the coming years. To achieve this goal CU has established this BOA to allow Carney to provide services in the following areas:

  • Analyze and assess current and future learning and development requirements created by scientific or technical advances, changing employee knowledge or skills, employee turnover, revisions to FDIC policies or procedures, or identified lessons learned
  • Analyze current instructor cadre knowledge and abilities
  • Analyze current employee professional development programs
  • Analyze current employee certification programs
  • Analyze and assess FDIC jobs by occupational specialty and identify knowledge or performance gaps
  • Analyze existing learning and development strategies and programs/Current training delivery methods and media/Current learning and development infrastructure including Learning Management Systems and delivery systems for adequacy and accuracy
  • Analyze additional learning and development requirements, processes, or technologies as directed by FDIC; and to make recommendations for modification and improvements
  • Design/develop FDIC enterprise-wide solutions for required learning and development programs
  • Design/develop specific learning and development strategies and programs
  • Design/develop specific learning and development curriculum
  • Design/develop professional development programs
  • Design/develop specific programs for employee development and certification programs
  • Design/develop competency models and competency-based career paths by occupational specialty
  • Design/develop standards and specifications for all components of FDIC training, learning and development, and knowledge management programs
  • Design/develop specifications for revised or new Learning Management Systems, delivery systems, or related learning infrastructure
  • Design/develop additional instructional strategies, policies, processes, or products as directed by FDIC, including the process of specifying learning objectives, detailed storyboards, detailed prototypes, and determining the look and feel, graphic design, user interface and content.

Representative Projects

Diversity and Inclusion Computer-Based Instruction

The FDIC is highlighting its focus on diversity and inclusion by offering computer based instruction (CBI) on this topic to all employees.  Many FDIC employees, especially bank examiners, have very structured schedules, so computer-based instruction facilitates the rollout of this important initiative to all employees, about 7,000 nationwide.

Carney is developing fully functional CBI training on this topic for all FDIC employees.  The CBI will be the first formal training on the topic for all employees, and it will set a positive tone for diversity and inclusion.  The presentation of the CBI will highlight the importance of the topic, and it will be clearly an FDIC program.  It will show what diversity and inclusion means for the agency as a whole and to its employees.

For more information, contact:

David Morris
VP, Customer Success
Team Carney, Inc.

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(703) 956-5116

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