Inside all of us are better learners and performers than our environment allows us to be. And if you can unlock that inner learner, you can achieve a higher level than you or anyone else ever thought possible.

–John Carney

Dynamic Beginnings

Carney incorporated in 1994 with a single mission – to help individuals, teams, and organizations accelerate their performance. We continue to carry out this same mission as we deliver quality performance solutions for our clients today.

At the company’s inception, we created training software for government agencies and private companies. The technology at the time encompassed little more than postage-stamp sized video. Even at that early point, however, Carney was pushing the boundaries of what was possible, and in 1997, we were recognized with a NewMedia Invision Award. We innovated best practice instructional strategies with ever-changing software engineering to create Instructioneering® methodologies that still guide us to this day.

Our efforts to create top-notch performance improvement solutions drew clients and talent to the company. Carney grew steadily over the next few years and continued to win awards on behalf of its clients while raising the bar in the industry.

Growing and Sharpening Focus

Carney was featured on the cover of Forbes Small Business magazine in 2001, and shortly thereafter the company made a strategic decision to narrow its focus to serving government agencies exclusively.

Two years later Carney won a large seven-year USAF contract to support mobile ground-based RADAR and air-defense sector units within the USAF. Since completing the transition to serving government agencies exclusively, Carney continues to expand into new practice areas and locations every year.

Securing Contract Vehicles

To make it easier for government agencies to engage Carney, the company secured a number of contract vehicles.  To learn more about Carney’s contract vehicles, see Contract Vehicles.

Accelerating Performance: Ours and Our Clients’

In 2005, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) engaged Carney to develop a multiplayer simulation to improve the performance of its security teams. Carney created a multiplayer online simulation for network defense. Within the simulation, the defensive team creates networks that either the offensive team or the simulation tries to compromise. Employees at DISA realized marked improvements in their performance, and Carney gained new capabilities.

Today Carney is still helping individuals, teams, and organizations perform “at the speed of need.” With a business base that is 60 percent military and 40 percent civilian agencies, Carney helps unlock the hidden learning/performance potential in dozens of offices and agencies throughout the federal government.

Though many of its performance improvement solutions employ cutting-edge technology, including augmented- and virtual-reality simulations, Carney also provides a full spectrum of organizational performance improvement services to help refine business processes – tasks like strategic human-capital planning, program management, and evaluation.

The spirit that drives the company is the same today as when John and Leslie Carney opened the company more than 15 years ago. John said, “At end of the day, we race to results with remarkable solutions that deliver remarkable client experiences.”