Carney has been a leading provider of customized Adobe Flash products for the Federal government. Due to changing technologies and the ending of support for Flash, the Federal government must update its Flash content to new standards. As a result, Carney, Inc. is the industry leader in Flash to HTML5 conversions. In fact, Carney is the only company certified by Adobe to convert from Flash to HTML5.

Carney proactively developed systems that enables Federal government agencies to convert legacy courseware Adobe Flash to HTML5. Complicating this requirement is the need for the Federal government to both meeting Section 508 requirements and ensure its content is responsive and usable regardless of the user’s device.

Carney has optimized this conversion process to a point where we can do it faster, for a lower cost, and at the same time provide a better and more consistent product. We often find that other vendors are inconsistent in their tools and quality of the end product. This is often done to meet the minimum requirements of a LPTA RFP.

Using our unparalleled Section 508 expertise, we ensure that converted products are returned in a 100% compliant format. We have also met with Adobe to discuss the need for a standardized conversion process conducted by companies certified in Flash conversion. We did this to ensure that the Government is not purchasing substandard and unqualified support that will not result in a successful conversion.

Carney’s Process


Carney examines existing courseware to understand any interactive content that will pose a challenge making the revised version compliant with Section 508. For example, drag-and-drop interactions have historically been avoided in typical Flash courses due to Section 508 compliant issues surrounding the challenges associated with making them accessible to non-mouse users. The examination results, including recommended solutions to problem areas, are compiled into a draft and then final Design Plan.

File Conversion

Once the design has been approved, Carney will update/create the storyboards as needed and begin converting the course. If needed, Carney will develop a Prototype for the first course for the client’s review and approval. The prototype will contain the course’s interface and select content screens to ensure usability  across the entirety of the client’s deployment environments. Based on the approved Design Plan and Prototype, Carney will implement an automated process for file conversion.

Verification and Augmentation

After our automated process, Carney will review the files to ensure the converted material resembles the original, per the client’s requirements. We verify all functionality and fidelity of graphics, and we augment the converted files with any required updated Section 508 programming.

Delivery and Deployment

We deliver Draft Courseware for client review and once the client has reviewed and provided comments on the draft, Carney will revise the courseware and provide Final Courseware. Once the Final Courseware is complete, Carney will deploy the courseware in the client environment.