Carney possesses more than a decade of experience delivering training requirements with Human Intelligence (HUMINT) subject matter and components to Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community, and federal agency partners, and maintains a full-time staff of HUMINT professionals to provide course development and delivery. Additionally, Carney’s leadership holds 20+ years of managing DoD HUMINT professionals and assets to include HUMINT training management, execution of joint HUMINT triggered and enabled operations, source validation, HUMINT collection and reporting, analysis, and functional services to include source operations, interrogations, and HUMINT-enabled close target reconnaissance. Carney’s leadership and subject matter experts (SMEs) have been trained or certified in the following HUMINT-disciplined engagements: Joint Source Validation Course, HUMINT Training-Joint Center of Excellence, DoD Strategic Debriefing Course, G2X HUMINT Operations Management Course, Joint HUMINT Officers Course, Military Intelligence Officer’s Basic Course, Military Intelligence Officer’s Captains Career Course, Warrant Officer’s Basic Course, Warrant Officer’s Advanced Course, Advanced Reid Interrogation Techniques, Advanced Neuro Linguistics Course, Advanced Interview and Techniques and Communication Methods, and Advanced Elicitation/Counter-Elicitation/Psychological Narrative Analysis Course.

Carney’s leadership and dedicated HUMINT SMEs hold various training certifications to include DoD Master Instructor, Small Group Instructor, Army Basic Instructor, and have developed and delivered customized instructor-led, web-based, and blended learning HUMINT courses for the Defense Security Service and various joint entities to include the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence, U.S. Army Forces Command elements, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the following titles:

  • Source Assessment
  • Introduction to HUMINT Operations
  • Surveillance Detection
  • HUMINT Targeting
  • Source Development
  • Source Recruitment
  • HUMINT Tradecraft in Hostile Environments
  • Elicitation Techniques
  • Debriefing
  • HUMINT Communications Tradecraft
  • Use of Sources for Close Target Reconnaissance
  • HUMINT Operational Planning
  • Source Operations
  • Source Validation
  • Counterterrorism Operations
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • HUMINT Doctrine and Review
  • HUMINT Reporting
  • Intelligence Analysis and Security Management
  • Contemporary Intelligence Studies
  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Intelligence Support to the Policy Maker
  • The Intelligence Process
  • Joint Humanitarian Aid Operations
  • Intelligence Oversight

Our leadership and HUMINT SMEs hold extensive operational experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and various humanitarian, stability, and task force and special mission unit counterterrorism missions. Their experience enables high-quality curriculum development and delivery. Developmental experience and current requirements in support of Carney’s Federal Government partners includes the creation and application of training needs analysis, training task inventories, programs of instruction, lesson plans, Syllabi, training schedules, exercises, rubrics, resource materials, knowledge checks, examinations, and job aids.

Our SMEs maximize retention using adult learning principles such as task-oriented and experiential learning. SME Instructors use instructional strategies like guided discussion, group work, and practical exercises to reinforce learning and assess students uses Kirkpatrick’s level one and two assessments to ensure the desired results are achieved.