Create simulated conversations to meet your agency’s human capital and workforce performance needs.

Carney offers a revolutionary tool to create an interactive, immersive environment delivering meaningful conversations that occur in the real world. This conversation engine enables you to construct a rehearsal environment for performance-based training.


Features a language layer

Optimized for Government

Features a language layer

Optimized for Military

Features a language layer

Optimized for Healthcare


How it works

With EasySpeak™ we can quickly:

  • Construct guided conversations
  • Provide structured rehearsals for your agency’s training needs with a virtual conversation partner
  • Design dialogues with all of the ups and downs, steps and missteps, and cause and effect relationships
  • Map conversations with the emotional reactions encountered in real life
  • Embed a “language layer” with commonly used terms in the speech recognition capabilities
  • Deploy on multiple platforms – web, desktop, and mobile

Practice the conversation before you have it for real

Supervisor and Leadership – Practice difficult performance and conduct conversations or team-building conversations to enhance productivity, morale, and cooperation

Medical and Mental Health Evaluation – Help the community identify people with mental stresses and direct them to practitioners, practice bed-side manner, and deliver bad news to patients

Accident or Crime Scene Investigation – Rehearsal opportunities to ask the right questions, pursue follow-up questions, evaluate witness reliability, and more

Military Commander Safety Training – Practice talking to troops about safety-related issues such as POV, POM, alcohol/drug detection & intervention, suicide prevention, and more

Military Radio Protocol – Practice command and control interactions

Legal Community – Practice cross-examinations and other mock trial issues

Call Center or Technical Help Desk – Practice handling difficult customers, or simply practice taking initial calls before being placed in a live environment