At Carney we are dedicated to dramatically improving the job performance and critical mission accomplishments of individual employees, work teams, and entire organizations.  We do so through a wide range of training, learning, and strategic human resource management interventions; re-engineering of business processes; and enhancements to technology infrastructures.

Performance Acceleration infographic. Box with performance interventions header, list underneath including strategic planning, organizational transformation, workforce development, KM solutions, training & learning solutions, simulations, games & virtual environments, and strategic hr solutions and systems. Box behind the first box with business processes heading and another box behind with technology infrastructure headingThe combination, sequence, and proportion of these activities blended together create a specific solution strategy that is unique to each client’s needs.  However, all Carney client solutions have one thing in common – speed.  We design, develop, and deploy our solutions quickly, at the speed of client need.  And our solutions are designed not only to improve client performance, but to accelerate it.

This means that our training and learning solutions allow individual employees to achieve desired proficiency rapidly, when it’s needed to effectively support job performance.  Further, it means that our team-building solutions will allow employees within work teams to coordinate and perform effectively when necessity dictates.  Finally, our strategic planning, workforce development, and knowledge management solutions allow entire organizations to quickly perform in an effective and seamless manner to accomplish their assigned critical missions.
Ultimately, Performance Acceleration® is about speed — the speed with which we develop and deliver our products and services, and the speed with which individuals, teams, and the organization can stay ahead of their performance objectives.

Contact us regarding our Performance Acceleration® services by emailing us at solutions@teamcarney.com.