We are fortunate to work with many talented and dedicated people throughout the federal government and DoD components.

Thanks for the outstanding work your folks are doing in DoD. We are fortunate to have such great people on the team. Thanks again for these fine patriots.

–Col Jim Lester, USAF

Carney applies a full spectrum of quality performance solutions, driven by the needs of individuals, teams, and the enterprise. We have helped the following civilian and military agencies accelerate their performance:

As part its mission to provide important training for security professionals, the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) partnered with Carney to take advantage of proven distance learning technologies, including web-based training (WBT). Through OPM TMA, Carney has developed an ongoing series of courses which includes over 50 courses and 75 hours of courseware. The award-winning courseware developed by Carney enables CDSE to reach more learners faster than CDSE’s traditional classroom training.

To learn more about Carney’s work with CDSE, see Virtual Environment Case Study – Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE)

Carney has a long history of producing award-winning information security-related serious games, simulations, and courseware for DISA that has reached millions of users. One of the many series of courses developed for DISA includes a series of brief, engaging, and memorable interactive, multimedia presentations that can be disseminated rapidly and widely throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) to raise information-systems users’ awareness of time-sensitive and timely information-assurance concerns. Referred to as Shorts™, these presentations play an important role in sensitizing information-systems users to information-security vulnerabilities and precautions.
Through OPM TMA, Carney customized an award-winning Department of Defense Information Assurance Awareness (IAA) training course for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). This course engages learners with realistic scenarios and enables users of DOJ-owned information systems to meet the legal requirement for completing annual computer security training.
To provide quality instruction, learning, and performance support opportunities to civilian agency acquisition workforce professionals around the world, FAI relies on contractor support to develop, manage, and administer the associated instructional systems design activities. Through OPM TMA, FAI selected Carney to provide the learning-related services, including analysis, identification, and specification of projects and programs; representation of FAI in various forums; management of ISD and development efforts for those projects that are approved by FAI; creation of online courseware and instructor-led training; and coordination of Carney’s FAI learning-related activities with those of other FAI Teams.

To learn more about Carney’s work with FAI, see Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study – Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI).

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency created by Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system, launched a new version of their 4C Asset Management System that is used to manage bank assets. The new asset management system marked a cultural shift for the FDIC, and the agency needed to begin preparing their employees immediately. Through OPM TMA, Carney was tasked with developing performance solutions that included video, multimedia presentations, system demonstrations, job aids, program guides, and more.

To learn more about Carney’s work with FDIC, see Training and Learning Solutions – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Certification Service (FAA AIR) is tasked with training the staff that inspects aircraft. Evaluating the efficacy of these courses is a critical task for the agency. Through OPM TMA, Carney was engaged to evaluate the courses and work with FAA instructors to refine them. These upgrades more closely align the courses with the critical current skill and knowledge requirements and present a richer learning experience to enhance retention for the learner.

To learn more about Carney’s work with FAA, see  Program Management Case Study – Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Leadership and Professional Development (FAA LPD)

Carney is proud to have developed award-winning solutions for the IRS. One of these solutions is the IRS Records Management Process Awareness Program, which allows IRS Area Records Managers (ARMs) and other records-management personnel to have the knowledge and resources they need to perform their jobs with greater self-sufficiency and accuracy. In 2005, this program received the Department of Treasury’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Records Management. This award recognized the IRS for excellence in using information-technology tools in the Records and Information Management (RIM) Program. The IRS also received the Archivist’s Achievement Award in 2005 from the Archivist of the United States for Outstanding Achievement in Records Management. The award cited innovation in developing records-management tools and training for IRS employees. To date, three additional projects have stemmed from this initial effort.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) creates plans and budgets using the Program Planning, Budgeting, and Execution System—known throughout the federal government as PPBES. The agency found that their employees were having difficulty with PPBES, and other issues, even after numerous training courses. Through OPM TMA, Carney partnered with Management Concepts International (MCI), to develop training and performance solutions. However, Carney helped NOAA realize that the problem could not be adequately addressed only through better training—though that was a key component of the solution—but rather would require the agency to address some of its organizational issues, communication issues, and issues with the PM role. Carney helped NOAA to develop a series of narrowly targeted training sessions while simultaneously offering recommendations to address the related issues.
USAID’s Bureau for Management, Office of Administrative Services, Information Records Division (M/AS/IRD) is responsible for the overall management of the USAID’s records program. Through OPM TMA, IRD contracted with Carney to create a web-based course for implementation on USAID’s learning management system (LMS). The 2-hour course ensures USAID employees have the knowledge and skills to satisfactorily manage and care for all federal records that come into their possession.
Carney has developed training and performance solutions for the US Air Force, including solutions for the Air Defense Sectors (ADS), Combat Readiness Center (CRC), and Air Operations Center (AOC).

Air Defense Sectors

Carney helped the US Air Force Air Defense Sectors establish uniform technology-based training on all core academic content for all new or transferring personnel in each of 15 different duty positions, cutting initial qualification training time by 30 percent.

The 130 hours of highly interactive online courseware developed by Carney are also for both initial and continuation training, resulting in uniform baseline knowledge across sectors. The client received a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award in 2005 for a lesson from this program.

Carney has significant experience producing innovative training and performance support solutions for the US Army. With custom tools and processes that accelerate the interval from need-to-know to knowing, these solutions are delivered with unprecedented development speed and uncompromising quality.

To learn more about Carney’s work with the US Army, see Performance Support Solutions Case Study – US Army’s Combat Readiness/Safety Center.

Commander’s Safety Course

Carney created a nine hour online Commander’s Safety Course for the US Army Combat Readiness Center. The course introduces the importance of risk management and provides information and tools to support risk management. Practical exercises require commanders to plan missions and make realistic risk-management decisions.

Using a suite of rapid-development production tools, we created the nine hour course in 120 days. The course is available on two Army learning management systems, and has been taken by more than 20,000 commanders.

Composite Risk Management Tool and Commanders Toolbox

Carney created a pair of electronic tools that enhance safety training programs and aid commanders in decision making while using the Composite Risk Management process.

The Commanders Toolbox allows users to search through and download a catalog of available resources. To learn more about Carney’s work on the Commander’s Safety Course, see Knowledge Management Case Study – Commander’s Toolbox – US Army’s Combat Readiness/Safety Center.

The Composite Risk Management (CRM) tool is a stand-alone software application that provides a structured framework for unit commanders to use while evaluating the overall risk involved in missions and activities in their command.

Land Navigation Interactive Courseware

Carney created a six hour online course to introduce Army personnel to map-reading skills in preparation for hands-on land navigation training. With a limited budget and tight deadline, we designed a multimedia course that demonstrated map reading and interpretation procedures, including the use of protractors. Learners then performed similar tasks using protractors and hard-copy maps. The courseware then evaluated each student’s response and either validated it or suggested areas for remediation.

This course won a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award for use of media and prepared soldiers to learn the critical components of field training.

Computer-based Geospatial Intelligence Software for US Army Special Operations

Carney delivered a learning solution that accelerated geospatial intelligence software training and enabled the Army to administer it more flexibly. We developed a computer-based courseware solution that not only trains soldiers to use the software, but simulates software operation and incorporates practical exercises and feedback.

This hands-on electronic training cuts classroom instruction time from 80 hours to 12. The electronic courseware has the added benefit of serving as a portable job aid in the field.

Carney provided the Administrative Office of the US Courts with a software tool to guide US District Court and US Bankruptcy Court officials through creating and printing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and amendments for court reporting services. This tool replaces a complex, tedious, and error-prone manual process.

This product has resulted in time savings for the court officials who create RFPs and for the US Courts Procurement Management Division staff who previously needed to provide training, consultation, and error correction services.

The interactive desktop application, titled Court Reporting Services RFP Generator, is downloaded to users’ workstations from the US Courts network. Enabled by Adobe Acrobat, the application asks users a series of questions and, based on responses, dynamically generates a fully customized RFP document in PDF format, including completed solicitation forms. Internal Help screens explain how to use the intuitively designed tool.

Business rules within the tool catch and correct errors and inconsistencies before the RFP document is generated. To support internal review processes at the courts, the electronic documents can be emailed to others for editing and approval.

Carney previously created a similar product for the US Courts, a Treatment Services RFP Generator, used by probation officers to issue solicitations for medical treatment for their clients.

The solutions developed by Carney for the US Navy include courseware for the US Navy intelligence community and civilians working on Marine and Navy bases.

US Navy Special Security Office (SSO)

Over 50,000 personnel in the US Navy intelligence community have completed the interactive, multimedia SCI Basics course that Carney created for the US Navy Special Security Office (SSO). SSO Navy had requested the course after full day information security stand-downs had not stopped the trend of increasing violations of sensitive compartmented information (SCI) protocols. The course is available anytime, anywhere for new employees, or for all personnel as a reference on specific procedures.

The two hour interactive, Section 508 compliant online course consists of five modules and a course assessment with a printable completion certificate provided for achieving mastery level. Topics covered include SCI security roles and responsibilities, classifications and caveats, need-to-know, protecting data in the networked information systems environment, protecting data in the physical environment, and procedures for reporting security incidents.

Carney’s solution presents information in a clear, visual, multimedia format. Unlike the briefings used before, this training requires learners to apply the definitions and guidance provided. Strong visual images emphasize the consequences of not following the measures presented in the course.

Prior to this engagement, SSO Navy had had one previous experience with creating interactive, multimedia learning solutions; that experience had been unfavorable with respect to both delivery time and instructional and technical quality. Carney’s focus on desired client outcomes, streamlined courseware development processes, and strong instructional multimedia design provided a drastically different experience.

Based on the positive experience and the well-received product, SSO Navy has returned to Carney for numerous additional courseware products. SSO Navy also provided a referral resulting in an additional Carney engagement to create courseware for civilians working on Marine and Navy bases.