HCaTS Small Business Pools

HCaTS is broken out into two pools with Pool 1 focused on training and Pool 2 focused on human capital consulting.  Carney’s HCaTS SB contract is under Pool 1. A brief summary of Pool 1 is below.

Pool 1 (Contract # 47QREB19D0021, 7/19/2019–11/9/2021)

  • Pool 1 under HCaTS is primarily focused on professional and management development and training.
  • A copy of Carney’s HCaTS SB Pool 1 contract will be made available shortly.

Carney Capabilities Under HCaTS SB Pool 1

Carney’s capabilities span the entire spectrum of Performance Acceleration®, including custom and off-the-shelf training solutions, human capital consulting, workforce development, organizational transformation, change management, business process reengineering, leadership development, succession planning, and career planning. Pool 1 domain areas include:

  • Customized Training
  • Customized Employee Development
  • Training Program Management Support
  • Technical Skills & Knowledge Training/Learning
  • Career Development & Management
  • Leadership, Management, & Supervisory Training and Development
  • General Skills & Knowledge Training Development & Coaching
  • Web-Based, Traditional-Based, Integrated Modules and Platforms
  • Scope of the above capabilities includes analysis, design, development, delivery, assessment, evaluation, reflection, and critique


Carney proudly maintains an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification. At the heart of our operations is to work and act in a way that maximizes sustainability and minimizes waste.

Carney Key Personnel

David Morris
Corporate HCaTS Program Manager (CHPM)
(703) 956-5116

Allen Price
Corporate HCaTS Contract Manager (CHCM)
(703) 203-5440

Carney Information

Team Carney, Inc.
100 North Pitt Street, Suite 240
Alexandria, VA 22314

Carney DUNS Number: 869-205-930