Strategic Management System (SMS) and Readiness & Predictive Readiness

Strategic Management System

The Strategic Management System (SMS) is a web-based performance management tool uniquely designed to track performance and mission objectives on both classified and unclassified networks for the government. The SMS was designed to be flexible and scalable to address the needs of individuals, teams, and entire agencies. Our solution includes assisting organizations in defining their objectives, standards, and briefing formats, and then deploying SMS to provide performance feedback and tracking allowing leaders to maintain immediate situational awareness at less cost than the manual, “paper brief” method. SMS also has the ability to connect to authoritative data sources to further automate the process and decrease the amount of organizational resources devoted to information gathering and instead focus efforts on analysis.

Carney, Inc. and Spider Strategies ( have a strategic partnership to provide the full set of SMS capabilities, including our Scoreboard® system. Scoreboard® is a COTS system that may be deployed in either an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) government cloud environment. Scoreboard® is Risk Management Framework (RMF) certified and has an Authority To Operate (ATO) issued from the U.S. Army.

Scoreboard® is a performance management and business intelligence toolkit that allows organizations to define their strategy and measure their performance against the strategy. Scoreboard® has a full suite of reporting, charting, and executive dashboard capabilities for data visualization and reporting. Scoreboard also includes a data analysis tool, Cubes, that enables organizations to be able to sort and filter through vasts amounts of data to find relationships, patterns, and correlations as well as build visualization products in support of this data. Finally, Scoreboard® is fully equipped to automate the exchange of data from authoritative data sources into Scoreboard via web services, data import, or manual entry.

Readiness & Predictive Readiness

Carney provides the U.S. Military with readiness and predictive readiness capability, which includes the ability to track, manage, and predict readiness by capability area, fleet, unit, and across various scenarios. In its simplest terms, we do this by assessing the “as is” current readiness status (authorized/on hand equipment and personnel, miles driven/flight hours, fill rates, parts available, etc.). We are then able to predict the “to be” by collecting information across leading indicators like new authorizations (new equipment fielding’s) funding, miles to be driven/flight hours, personnel (Permanent Change of Station in and out, who, when, grade, MOS, etc.) training (New Equipment Training, Collective Training, Combined Arms Exercise), supply (parts availability and in transit, lead time, local or national, etc.), maintenance (standards (10/20 an FMC) time since last repair, time to repair, time since last repair, level (Unit, DOL, Depot) transportation (rail, port, time, distance, deprocess, in process) and institutional support or contractor logistics support.

All of this support can provided manually or fully automated using with the use of Scoreboard® as the Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution. Our readiness and predictive readiness capability may also be used in conjunction with  SMS to define and build reporting strategies withi the software solution, which then enables the agency to directly and automatically connect strategies to authoritative data through web services, uploads, or manual intervention.